The Language of Pelvic Pain Survey

Ever felt that Health Professionals just didn’t understand your pain, the words you were using, or how pelvic pain has affected your life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could go to a health professional and they totally understood what you meant when you talked about your pain? We hope you’ll help us make that happen!

Ms Eleanor Schofield (Medical Student, Uni Adelaide), , Dr Susan Evans (PPFA) and Professor Roly Sussex (Professor of Language, Uni Queensland) want to study how you talk about your pain, your personal experiences, and what it means to you, in your words. It’s an anonymous survey, so you can tell them everything, even the things you don’t tell other people, or are a bit embarrassed to talk about. 

They’ll put your words and the words of other women into a sophisticated computer software program that will analyse the experiences of women with pelvic pain.  What a great way to help health professionals understand your needs better.

And you’ll get to know what they find out, with results available from the PPFA website once the research is completed.

How do I get started? The link below takes you to the Language of Pelvic Pain Online questionnaire. 

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