Catherine Aurubind - Chair / President

Lives in Kalamunda | GAIN Chair since Jan 2017

Catherine has suffered chronic pelvic pain after a hysterectomy in 2004 left her with severe entrapment of the Pudendal nerve.

She has been active with GAIN ever since, and currently runs the Pelvic Pain Support Group, which offers support, understanding and information for people suffering chronic pelvic pain issues.

Catherine is 65 years of age and dedicates her spare time to raising awareness and education on Gynaecological health.



Linda Glassford - Vice President

Linda is originally from Glasgow Scotland then moved to Perth Australia at the end of 1989 with her husband Derek.

Over some years Linda experienced a number of gynaecological issues which, ultimately, resulted in a radical hysterectomy performed by one of WA’s well known Gynaecologists Dr Yee Leung.

In 2017 Linda went along to a GAIN meeting to support a friend and found that the work GAIN did was valuable in educating and supporting others.  Linda felt she had something to contribute from her past experiences so decided to join the GAIN committee.

Linda enjoys a variety of pastimes, however, occasionally you will  find her helping others. She is a great peer group support person to many and is invaluable to those experiencing difficult times.  However, at the end of the day she enjoys nothing more than socialising with family and friends.



Angela Rowe - Secretary

GAIN Secretary since April 2017

Angela first became aware of GAIN back in 2012 as she was working as a Support Coordinator for Ovarian Cancer Australia.

In this role she met with the President of GAIN to discuss how they could work in partnership to support women with gynaecological cancer.

Angela has been a follower of GAIN ever since, as she has a history of endometriosis and is interested in women's health issues. In her spare time Angela enjoys travelling, socialising, shopping and playing netball.

Rachel Rowe

Rachael Rowe - Assistant Treasurer

Rachael is from Bunbury originally and moved to Perth in 1993, now lives in Gwelup with her family.

Has worked in and ran her own business in accounts and bookkeeping for 20+ years within different industries and recently returned to a former passion now working in home based Aged Care.

Introduced to GAIN by her sister-in-law Angela, she would love to see greater acceptance and easy access to information regarding women's health and happiness. Rachael enjoys outdoors activities with family and friends, and also reading a good crime novel.


Annaliese Nugent - committee member

My name is Anny and I have been a GAIN committee member since late 2019, after I was inspired by Catherine and Linda's dedication to assisting women’s health in the community via gynaecological awareness and support.

I am very passionate about women’s health, having previously been a Registered Midwife, and am currently studying medicine at Notre Dame where I hope to further my knowledge and skills to further assist women with their health. I believe there is such power in making women feel heard and empowering women through education so that they may feel more confident being a leader in their own gynaecological health journey.
Felicity Photo

Felicity Roux - committee member

Felicity is a researcher at Curtin University. She is working collaboratively with the School of Population Health and Curtin Medical School to trial an ovulatory-menstrual health literacy program called My Vital Cycles in a secondary school in 2021. The program’s Whole Person recognises that biologically the cycle is the “5th Vital Sign” (according to the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists) but also extends into the emotional, social and meaning-making dimensions of human being. The cycle is portrayed positively whilst addressing challenges such as pain, irregular periods and heavy bleeding. Felicity joined the GAIN committee to support its advocacy of educating tomorrow’s women.


Katie Gould.  Committee Member

Katie is a medical student with a strong interest in all things women’s health.

She is excited to join her medical knowledge with patients experiences to advocate for enhanced women’s health and education.

Katie was impressed with the work GAIN does, and couldn’t wait to be a part of their team working towards their goals.

Outside of study Katie enjoys spending time with friends, family and keeping active outdoors.

Wendy Leeson

Wendy is a Clinical Nurse Theatre/ Clinical Nurse Consultant at King Edward Memorial Hospital and has a passion for women's and children's health.

Outside of GAIN Inc. Wendy enjoys riding and keeping fit.