Professor Ian Frazer accepted the invitation to be patron of GAIN in 2006. The professor says he hopes his patronage helps GAIN in its battle against gynaecological cancer, and through the promotion of the need for further research into the causes of, and management of, gynaecological cancer.

Professor Ian Frazer was the 2006 recipient of the prestigious Australian of the Year award for his research into, and development of, a vaccine to prevent the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in women.  The vaccine is, also, expected to reduce Pap smear abnormalities, and to potentially eliminate cervical cancer within a generation. Cervical cancer, currently, affects some 500,000 women, world-wide, each year.

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Professor Ian Frazer wins the 2008 Prime Ministers Science Award, and is presented with his award in a special ceremony in the Great Hall, in Parliament House, in Canberra (Australian Capital Territory).