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Next Support Group Meeting.  Saturday 8th February 2020.  12 - 2pm. 10A Hensman Rd. Subiaco.

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Sept 10 | International GYN Awareness Day

Let's break the stigma and raise awareness, together.

Celebrate  GAIN's  20th Anniversary.   International Gynaecological Awareness Day.  10th September 2020

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GAIN is a not-for profit organisation run by volunteers who dedicate their time to creating a world where every woman has the opportunity, knowledge, confidence & support to obtain optimal gynaecological & sexual health.

GAIN Inc. is an ACNC registered organisation.

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Support Meetings

Come along for a cuppa and a chat. We are here to help. We understand what you are going through. Don't suffer in silence. You are not alone.

International Gyn Awareness Day

Help GAIN inc to make Sept 10, International Gynae Awareness Day, a reality for every corner of the globe by getting involved in your own way!


We know how overwhelming medical information can be, so we have compiled a one-stop spot for gyn-related conditions and definitions!

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The Language of Pelvic Pain Survey

Ever felt that Health Professionals just didn’t understand your pain, the words you were using, or how pelvic pain has affected your life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could go to a health professional and they totally understood what you meant when you talked about your pain? We hope you’ll help us make that…

Photos of the Gynae. Health Public Forum