Gynae. Health Public Forum. Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

Introducing another of our amazing speakers at the Gynae. Health Public Forum. Kay Morton from the WA Cervical Cancer Prevention Program. Get your tickets now for an event not often available to the public. Education and information of women’s gynaecological health issues. A great day out for all women. Includes lunch.

Meet Kay:

I am Kay Morton and in March 2018 I joined the team at the WACCPP as an Education and Training Officer.

As a practising women’s health nurse with over 20 years of experience in health professional education and training, I am truly passionate about my work. In my new role I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and skill through the provision of high quality education and training activities that are designed to support others to promote and deliver cervical screening services that improve health outcomes for all WA women.

I truly love my job and feel strongly about its value not just for today but into the future.

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