GAIN Founder Kath Mazzella WA Senior Australian of the Year




Congratualtions to our founder Kath Mazzella as she travels to Canberra in January 2018 to go head-to-head with Australia’s finest from around the nation.

She has been awarded WA Senior Australian of the Year and as such is a nominee in the nation’s  Australian of the Year Awards

Kath  founded GAIN Inc back in 2001 and since has worked tirelessly in the community to raise awareness and education of gynecological issues.

Through this process we hope to achieve:

Greater community awareness of the millions of women who suffer from Gynaecological/Sexual and associated Mental Health challenges.

For the partnership between the medical professionals and the community to be strengthened, so that we can have a deeper and more intimate communication and save lives through prevention, early intervention or best practice in treating these women’s health challenges.

To start conversations around our nation about Gynaecological/Sexual/Mental Health and to recognise the ripple effect on our communities, in particular, men and the families of women who suffer.

To attract funding for this work so that the message can be heard on the global stage.

Kath would like to thank the hundreds of people who have phoned, emailed, posted on Facebook and other Social Media, commenting and showing their support. You have no idea how much that wave of support means to Kath and to our team.

Best wishes to Kath in 2018



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